Why We Do What We Do

November 25, 2016.
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Tony Robbins:
Why We Do What We Do
One of the 10 most watched TED talks of all time

Tony Robbins. Life coach, leadership psychology expert, author. Probably the world’s most famous and influential life coach—a profession in which he was one of the early pioneers —and some even credit him as the creator of coaching as we now know it.

His coaching clients range from CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes, and over the years he also created some hugely successful public coaching programs and seminars—the most famous of which is the ‘Unleash the Power Within’, a program for self-empowerment.


He has also written several books, including Awaken the Giant Within—his first book, that brought him early recognition and fame. Later on came Unlimited Power: The Science of Personal Achievement. Most recently he even published a book about money, financial freedom and investment which quickly became a New York Times best seller.

TED2006      18.4 million views on TED.com

His TED talk featured here is one of the 10 most watched TED talks of all time—and with Al Gore in the audience. As a presenter, Tony Robbins violates several of the recommended best practices for public speaking, such as excessive walking and movement around the stage. However, it is a good example of the impact that sheer passion and intensity can have in terms of audience attention and engagement.

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