The Future of Lying

March 3, 2017.
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Jeff Hancock: 
The Future of Lying

Jeff Hancock, originally from Canada, has a PhD in Psychology and is now a Professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University.  Prior to joining Stanford in 2015, he was Professor of Information Science and Communication at Cornell.

He is known for his research on how people use deception when communicating by email, mobile phones and online platforms—and how we form impressions of others online.  And this was the focus of his TED talk featured here.

TEDxWinnipeg  2012    1.2M views on

Recently, at Stanford, Hancock and his team have been focusing particularly on psychological and interpersonal processes in social media—using computational linguistics and experiment to analyze how the words we use may convey social attitudes and dynamics.

His research has been published in over 80 professional journals, as well as in popular media such as the New York Times, BBC, CBS, and CNN.

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