The Difference that Makes the Difference

February 17, 2017.
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Kjell Enhager:
The Difference that Makes the Difference

Kjell Enhager is one of Sweden’s leading sports and executive coaches, and renowned internationally. His specialities include mental training, leadership development and motivation in sports and business.  He has coached top golf players such as Nick Faldo and Annika Sörenstam—and other leading athletes within golf, tennis, skiing, ice hockey and horse riding.

In the corporate world Enhager has coached executives at large global companies—and has even coached actors and symphony orchestras. His corporate clients include Walt Disney Corporation, McKinsey, McDonalds, Spotify, H&M, Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Carlsberg, Ericsson, SAS, Sandvik, Tetra Pak, Volvo Penta, and many others.  He is Co-Founder of Coach2Coach, one of Scandinavia’s leading professional development and coaching firms.

Early in his career Enhager was a professional golfer before going into coaching, around which time he wrote his first book—Quantum Golf: The Path to Golf Mastery.  More recently, in 2015 he published the book Tänk Låsningar och Lösningar (‘Think Blocks and Solutions’) (‘blocks’ as in ‘mental blocks’). Having worked with many different people in different environments and professions, Enhager has gained valuable insights about how we can influence, change and improve our own behaviour and lives—and perhaps even our own luck.

Enhager believes it is important to have what he calls a good perspective on life, contribute to society and share knowledge and experience with others. To that end he has engaged himself in various social causes—among others as an ambassador for the Swedish Brain Foundation, which raises money for research and spreads information about the brain, brain diseases, injuries and disabilities.   He also works with other non-profit organisations, including BRIS, which helps children and young adults.

Enhager is not only in strong demand as a coach—but a much sought-after speaker as well.  His TED talk featured here is highly recommended, not just because of its interesting content—but also for his excellent delivery.

TEDxSSE Stockholm April 2016

Among other points, note his posture, movement on stage, use of hand movements, eye contact, humour, and (rhetorical) questions to engage and keep the attention of his audience.

It is also worth studying his highly effective use of flip charts—which is a welcome break from many speakers’ over reliance on slides for their visual aids. Flip charts are also a great tool to engage the audience, as Enhager demonstrates—by writing on the flip charts while he speaks, throughout his talk.

‘The Difference that Makes the Difference’ talk centers on how to break your negative thinking patterns—and focus on your strengths and what enriches you rather than on what you are doing wrong.

You can learn more about Enhager and his coaching approach on his Web site (which is also available in English):

Trond Varlid

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