The Art of Innovation

November 13, 2015.
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Guy Kawasaki:
The Art of Innovation

Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley marketing executive, author, and former Chief Evangelist of Apple, is on the Board of and advisor to a number of companies, and currently also Chief Evangelist for Canva, an online graphic design tool provider.

One of the most engaging presenters on TED and among presenters generally, Guy Kawasaki was an early member of the Silicon Valley start-up community, and delivering and listening to numerous sales pitches for new ventures, he developed his ‘Top 10’ presentation format.

This uses a maximum of 10 main points and usually the same number of slides as its framework and he uses it for most of his presentations—including the TED presentation featured here. As he says, “the low number of slides forces you to concentrate on the essentials“.

TEDxBerkeley 2014

Guy Kawasaki also has an interesting blog column on his LinkedIn page, which I recommend checking out—and one of the most recent posts is ‘The Minimalist Guide to Pitching’, which you can access here.  It provides advice to anyone who needs to pitch their company or ideas to someone else, his 6 tips are great tips for almost any presentation.

He has written over 10 books, the most popular of which include:

The Macintosh Way (1990)
The Art of the Start (2004)
Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions (2011)

151113 G Kawasaki Enchantment

His most recent book is The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users (2015).

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