Accelerated Action with Goalscape™

Visualize, Track and Achieve Your Goals

  • Do you struggle to define, track and reach your goals?
  • Would you like to be better organized, more focused and less stressed?

How Goalscape™ Can Help You

Goalscape provides a single clear picture of the entire goal structure, indicating content, priority, and progress toward completion.

Goalscape is an easy and fun to use goal setting tool––providing you with more time and energy to work on critical tasks to achieve your goals more effectively than conventional, list-based calendar and other tracking systems.

Program for Companies: Use Goalscape to Inspire and Help Your Team to Success

Motivate your team using goals, help them communicate visually, stay organized, set smart priorities and track their progress.

Goalscape’s unique visual display helps you identify, develop and communicate the key elements of any complex project: – overall structure; relative importance, and progress tracking.

Inspired by Quest for Olympic Gold

Goalscape was developed by a team of Olympic athletes racing yachts in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which proved to be an effective way to peak performance and goals achievement.

EMC Quest is the official partner of Goalscape Software GmbH in Japan.