Got a Wicked Problem ?

December 2, 2016.
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Tom Wujec:
Got a Wicked Problem?
First, Tell Me How to Make Toast

Tom Wujec. Designer, author, Professor at Singularity University, Toronto. Fellow at Autodesk, a cutting-edge 2D & 3D design software company.

Tom Wujec is a designer and visualization pioneer—using design and technology to understand ideas and help solve business and other problems. He has studied extensively how we share and absorb information, and is a Fellow at Autodesk—a company specializing in design software for engineers, film makers and designers. In the engaging and entertaining TED talk featured here he illustrates the power of visualization to help solve problems.

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Wujec has written several books, including Five-Star Mind: Games and Puzzles to Stimulate Your Creativity and Imagination. His most recent book is Imagine Design Create.


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