Fifteen Phrases for Continued Growth in Speaking

March 11, 2016.
Craig Valentine:
15 Phrases for Continued Growth in Speaking

Wisdom and growth come from reflection—so too if you want to become a better speaker. Here are 15 phrases by Craig Valentine, World Champion of Public Speaking and founder of the World Class Speaking method.

These are phrases often used when he is coaching speakers—encouraging them not only to read them, but also reflect on them.

1.    Tease them before you tell them.
2.    Too many speakers try to get across too much information in too little time.
3.    What gets recorded gets rewarded.
4.    When you lift yourself up, you let your audience down.
5.    Tap into their world before you transport them into yours.
6.    Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.
7.    Turn their pain into your promise.
8.    Don’t add humor; uncover it.
9.    What’s loose is lost.
10.   Speak to one but look to all.
11.    You can’t have an effect if they don’t reflect.
12.   Don’t memorize, internalize.
13.   Sell the belief before the relief.
14.   Squeeze too much information in, and you squeeze your audience out.
15.   Tell a story and make a point.

As Craig says, “do the reflection work—it will pay off!”

This article first appeared in the EMC Quest newsletter series.