Change in Perspective is the Gateway to Understanding

April 14, 2017.
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Roger Antonsen:
How a Change in Your Perspective is the Gateway to Understanding

Roger Antonsen. Logician, mathematician, lecturer and public speaker.  Rated as one of Norway’s best lecturers and science communicators.

This TEDx talk by Roger Antonsen is one of the most fascinating and engaging TED talks that I have come across in recent times.  Antonsen is a brilliant communicator and in this talk he demonstrates in a unique and compelling way how changing your perspective is the key to understanding and often results in unexpected insights.

In his talk he also makes excellent use of visuals with some fabulous illustrations to bring across key points of his message.

TEDxOslo 2015

Antonsen teaches Logical Methods as an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, and has also published an award winning book on the same topic (2014). He writes and lectures extensively on topics related to mathematics, informatics and logical methods and is a much sought-after speaker.

Here is his own website where you can find many of his articles and videos of some of his talks:

Trond Varlid

To access more TED videos:

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