Asia’s Rise – How and When

March 25, 2016.
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‘Master Data Presenter’ Hans Rosling:
Asia’s Rise—How and When

Hans Rosling. Medical doctor, statistician and Professor of Global Health at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Co-founder of Medecins sans Frontiers Sweden. Co-founder and Chairman of Gapminder Foundation which developed the Trendanalyzer software system.

Did you ever have to give a presentation containing large amounts of data, where you struggled to engage the audience and get your message across? If so, you may want to study some of Hans Rosling’s TED presentations for ideas and tips on how to bring your data to life.

Hans Rosling is one of the most popular and frequent TED speakers, having presented 10 TED talks at various TED conferences so far—watched by millions. His first TED talk—The best stats you’ve ever seen, with over 10 million views—was also one of the very first 6 TED talks to be made available online when was launched in 2006.

In this featured TED talk, he examines the rise of Asia and predicts the exact date when China and India will surpass the U.S. as the world’s economic super powers.

TEDIndia 2009     1.6M views on

Rosling has become famous for his highly engaging and captivating presentations of data and how he brings out the big picture of the data in a way unsurpassed by speakers before him. If you have not watched him before, you have probably never seen data presented in the way he does.

He even developed his own software, Trendalyzer, to present stunning and very effective data visuals. You can download a free copy of this for global health data on the Gapminder World web site (Wealth & Health of Nations):

In 2010 he helped create and present a documentary entitled Joy of Stats, which was broadcast by the BBC—and which you can watch on this Web link:

He is also the co-author of Global Health (2006), a book about global health and the first of its kind—endorsed by Bill Gates, who purchased 200 copies of the book for all his staff at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  In 2014 Rosling appeared on stage together with Bill Gates to present and debate global health issues.

Rosling is a fascinating speaker to watch and his presentations have become legendary—and if you ever experienced a boring presentation with lots of data, or gave one yourself—then have a look at Rosling’s presentations and see how it can and should be done!

Enjoy and learn from the Master Data Presenter!

Trond Varlid

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