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Coaching for Communication and Change

Coaching for Change Programs
Gain Direction, Focus and Balance

Are you ready for change – and feel you could do better? We help you clarify your career and life direction. Get tools and guidance to become more creative and productive, and make an Action Plan for change...

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World Class Speaking™ System
Communicate Better, Advance
Your Career

Are you uncomfortable presenting to a group? We help you gain confidence, and make your presentations memorable, enjoyable, and inspire action...

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Accelerated Action with Goalscape™
Visualize, Track and Achieve
Your Goals

Are you achieving your personal and business goals? Or do you struggle to define, track and reach them? Would you like to be better organized, more focused and less stressed? Then Goalscape can help you...

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Recent News

What Princeton Researchers Discovered About Successful Communication

Speaker-Listener Neural Coupling

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to connect with your audience when giving a presentation or speaking to a group of people—but somehow failed to engage them? If…

TED Talks: Information is Beautiful

D McCandless Info is Beautiful

Great TED Talks: David McCandless, Award-winning Data Journalist. Would you like your audience to better understand and remember your presentations?—Then use more visuals to display your data and other information….

World Class Speaking™ Night at Tokyo American Club

Wednesday March 27   SPEAKER: Ms. Melanie Brock, Country Manager, Meat & Livestock of Australia Chance Encounters are Good Business: The Positive Impact of Networking We are pleased to invite…

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