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Coaching for Communication and Change

Coaching for Change Programs
Gain Direction, Focus and Balance

Are you ready for change – and feel you could do better? We help you clarify your career and life direction. Get tools and guidance to become more creative and productive, and make an Action Plan for change...

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World Class Speaking™ System
Communicate Better, Advance
Your Career

Are you uncomfortable presenting to a group? We help you gain confidence, and make your presentations memorable, enjoyable, and inspire action...

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Accelerated Action with Goalscape™
Visualize, Track and Achieve
Your Goals

Are you achieving your personal and business goals? Or do you struggle to define, track and reach them? Would you like to be better organized, more focused and less stressed? Then Goalscape can help you...

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Recent News

Stanford Study: How CEO Presentations Influence Investors

151002 Stanford Study image

October 2, 2015. Stanford Study: How CEO Presentations Influence Investors How does the quality of your presentation impact your audience—whether investors, senior management or your team members? A new study…

The Power of Storytelling

150925 J Donald image

September 25, 2015. The Power of Storytelling. Improve Your Presentations. Tell Stories! Jim Donald, former Starbucks CEO: A Master Storyteller. Jim Donald is an American executive known for a number of…

Message Map

150918 C Gallo image 2

September 18, 2015. Carmine Gallo: Message Map. How to Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds. Carmine Gallo is a leading communication coach, speaker and author of several best-selling books on presentation…

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