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Coaching for Communication and Change

Coaching for Change Programs
Gain Direction, Focus and Balance

Are you ready for change – and feel you could do better? We help you clarify your career and life direction. Get tools and guidance to become more creative and productive, and make an Action Plan for change...

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World Class Speaking™ System
Communicate Better, Advance
Your Career

Are you uncomfortable presenting to a group? We help you gain confidence, and make your presentations memorable, enjoyable, and inspire action...

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Accelerated Action with Goalscape™
Visualize, Track and Achieve
Your Goals

Are you achieving your personal and business goals? Or do you struggle to define, track and reach them? Would you like to be better organized, more focused and less stressed? Then Goalscape can help you...

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Recent News

Presenting Without Slides

151127 P Iyer image

November 27, 2015. Improve Your Presentations. Study the best TED Speakers! Presenting without Slides: Pico Iyer – Where is Home? Pico Iyer is an acclaimed British-born travel writer and novelist…

The Ten Laws of Simplicity

151120 J Maeda image

November 20, 2015. John Maeda: The 10 Laws of Simplicity Guidelines for needing less and getting more A fun and great way to improve your presentations—both in terms of content…

The Art of Innovation

151113 G Kawasaki image

November 13, 2015. Improve Your Presentations. Study the best TED Speakers! Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Innovation Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley marketing executive, author, and former Chief Evangelist of Apple, is…

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